5 of the Most Famous Signs in the World

5 of the Most Famous Signs in the World

Famous Signage

There are so many ways that you can make your business stand out and be memorable. For instance, a custom-designed sign might just do the trick for you! Custom signs let people know about what is going on in or near your building before they even walk through its doors; it’s an excellent way to entice customers into coming inside and seeing more of what makes them unique.

For inspiration we looked at some iconic symbols from around the world – these may seem simple but their impact goes much deeper than meets the eye.

The Hollywood Sign 

The Hollywood sign, originally installed in 1923 to advertise a real estate development firm in Southern California, soon became the landmark of fame for those who lived and worked within its vicinity. Over time it was renovated several times due to wear-and-tear from natural elements while being exposed continuously as an icon on television screens internationally.

London Underground

Bespoke signs with a tradition of success. The London Underground has been using this red and blue sign since 1908, which may be simple but is also why it’s such an effective design. The name of the station sits in the middle for easy reading while its specific tunnel shape draws commuters’ attention to what they’re looking at – so much that it can even be found on souvenirs around the world as well as your own personal lightbox from Transport of London online shop!

Kangaroo Warning Signs 

A symbol that has come to represent Australia is the iconic Australian sign, which just features a silhouette of a kangaroo on bright yellow background. The simplicity in design really helps it do its job as an informative road sign and also makes for one heck of a souvenir when travelling around this wonderful country!

Penny Lane 

The sign that marks the start of John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s road to success is not a work of art. It’s just an ordinary street name, but its location makes it so much more than anything else. You can find this sign in the area where these two young men grew up together as children – now one side says “John” while on the other there are words from their song “Penny Lane.” For many people who visit Liverpool for any reason whatsoever, they make sure to snap pictures with this historic landmark at least once!

Welcome to Las Vegas 

This is the first thing that you will see when arriving in Las Vegas. It’s an enormous sign, so it can be seen from miles away, and this giant sign greets every one of its visitors with a friendly ‘Welcome!’

In 1959, the iconic Welcome sign was installed at a height of 7.6 meters and features bright flashing lights and gaudy colours – catching visitors’ eyes with excitement for what lies ahead in this sinful city. It’s now registered as a historic place by state law because it has become so famous around the world: people all over have seen these symbols on TV or online constantly since their installation 60 years ago!

What are you Waiting For? Create your Own Famous Sign Today! 

If you’re feeling inspired and have a fantastic idea for custom signage, why not get in touch? Our team of experts are on hand to help. Just tell us what you had in mind and we will make your dream sign come true! Alternatively, if you’re still struggling to put together an eye-catching design our graphic designers can work with yours so that everyone wins.

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