Architectural Building Signage


Architectural building signage can be formed or matched to a part of the original structure of the building that it is fitted to, suiting a designated theme or fitting into the landscape surrounding it. Architectural building signage can also be the main focal point for a company or business. Creating an amazing visual architectural sign which stands out makes a huge impact. Architectural building signage can be a talking point to promote and advertise your business. It can be a challenge to design and fabricate suitable signage that looks visually correct and suits the style and features of the premises. At Prestige Signs, we deliver iconic and visually stunning architectural solutions for the surrounding environment, considering every element.

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We love to receive bespoke projects from a variety of industries to showcase our attention to detail and high-quality materials. We have worked with some of the largest brands in the UK to create high-quality signs representing many companies. A professionally designed and built architectural sign creates a huge impact on the first impression for any business. Our architectural building signage brings buildings to life, we work with relevant teams to ensure that we create a sign that works with the existing landscape.


If you wish to give your architectural building signage illumination properties we are able to offer a range of options. We can either install LED, fluorescent or neon capabilities to your sign, these options will be discussed at the consultation stage. Our illuminations can either be controlled manually or use an energy efficient system, where a sensor detects the natural lighting to ensure the illumination is only active at an optimum time, which changes daily throughout the year. We can install the lighting into the sign itself or use a slim trough light above or below the sign.