Custom Commercial Signs


We create Custom Commercial Signs for all industries, with the ability to create signs of any shape or size and with any specific requirements. At Prestige Signs we have dedicated teams of fully qualified and highly experienced staff who work on each stage of the sign production process. We understand that first impressions are extremely important which is why we ensure our custom commercial signs are created to achieve maximum impact and an overall professional and modern image.

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    We create custom commercial signs for brands all over the UK, our highly experienced manufacturers are able to create all types of comerical signs with no limitations on size or shape. We love receiving bespoke and challenging projects which we work on with you to create your perfect custom commercial signs. We carry out an intial discussion to ensure we have a clear vision, we then design your sign and once approved, will move on to the manufacturing stage with our state of the art equipment. Our installation team install your sign and we are even able to carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure your commercial sign is always looking brand new.


    For added exposure, signs with illumination qualities are able to be seen at all times throughout the day and night. We offer LED, neon and fluorescent illumination in various forms, choosing from installing individual panels into the custom commercial sign itself or installing a light trough either above or below the sign to illuminate. Our illuminated custom commercial signs are extremely energy efficient, using a sensor to detect when light levels are low, meaning your sign will not be wasting energy when not needed. If you would like to have your sign illuminated at all times or at certain times, this sensor can be overidden manually.