Illuminated LED Signs


Internally illuminated signs generally use a range of LED modules that are sourced by us according to the size and depth of the sign itself. There’s also the option of a slim LED trough light which can be fixed either above or below yours sign to light it up. The casing and brackets are painted to match the colour of your sign so that they don’t look out of place.

Prestige Signs have out an exciting new product called LED light-sheet that allows very slim sign profiles to be brightly illuminated, whilst also being extremely energy meaning your sign will be cheaper to operate.

LED illuminated signs allow your branding to stand out in the crowd and draw the attention of prospective customers. Good clear concise signage can actually be as successful as a website or other types of marketing.

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With access to the latest manufacturing machinery and production techniques, we are able to manufacture many types of illuminated signs in Essex. We use three types of illumination; we can either source a range of LED modules according to the size and depth of the sign, use a slim LED trough light which can be fixed above or below the sign or use our newest product, the LED light-sheet, which allows for slim sign profiles to be illuminated brightly whilst being energy efficient. We install all of our signs safely and conveniently.


We use the latest software to design your illuminated signs in Essex and are able to superimpose our design to your premises. We love a challenging project, therefore, accept a wide range of bespoke ideas which our dedicated team will happily design. We can design a wide range of illuminated signs from a subtle soft glow sign that blends into the natural landscape to an eye-catching focal point. We also offer maintenance as an additional service, taking care of any replacements of internal components and general upkeep.