LED Retail Signs


We are specialists in creating LED retail signs for all industries. Our teams of qualified professionals design, manufacture, install and maintain your sign. With LED retail signs it is important to take your shop’s surroundings into consideration, ensuring your sign stands out against other retailers, whilst blending into your placement’s natural surroundings. We create LED retail signs which showcase your brand, reflecting a professional and welcoming image. All of our signs are bespoke to each individual company and we work with the client to create their perfect LED retail sign.


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a seamless process across all elements. Our LED retail signs begin their process with a free consultation to ensure we fully understand your expectations and requirements. We then move on to the LED retail sign design stage where we can super-impose your new sign in order to give a better representation. Your project is then given to our highly skilled team of manufacturers who use the newest materials and machinery to create your perfect sign. We then install your LED retail signs and can provide regular maintenance to ensure your sign is in perfect condition at all times.


Our LED illumination for retail signs can be created in multiple ways, our most common solution is by creating a range of LED modules which are manufactured to match the exact measurements of each panel. We are also able to fix a slim LED trough light either above or below the sign to project illumination (or both if extra illumination is required). Our other option for LED retail signs is using a light-sheet which allows very slim signs to be illuminated at an energy efficient cost. By adding illumination to retail signs your signs can be noticed at all times throughout the day and night.