Lettering Signage London


We offer bespoke lettering signage in London here at Prestige Signs using state of the art machinery to create high-quality signage. We understand that there is a high demand for individual letters to provide companies with the freedom to create their own signs. We provide individual and grouped lettering signage in London that can take the form of either flat cut letters direct from metal sheets or more three-dimensional fabricated lettering that can include various illumination effects. Our individual lettering signage London can be chosen in a variety of bare metal finishes or can be powder coated to a wide range of colours to match your companies image and brand. We also supply an exciting new range of low profile illuminated letters that allow much smaller and more detailed designs to be accommodated than previously possible. The lettering signage London we build here at Prestige Signs is designed to be eye-catching, expressive and a true representation of your brand.


When choosing us to create your lettering signage in London we provide you with a complete service from start to finish. Our process begins with an initial free consultation where we discuss your perfect sign, including placement and purpose. We then pass this information on to our design team who expertly design your lettering signage in London. Once approved, we then move on to the manufacturing stage, using the highest quality materials to produce outstanding signage. We then install your lettering signage in London and can even carry out regular maintenance checks and services.


For additional exposure we can install illumination into your lettering signage in London, allowing your sign to be noticed at all times of the day. With a built-in light sensor, our illuminations only turn on when needed. We can provide this in a multitude of ways, our most common source of illumination is creating perfectly sized LED modules to fit into each letter. Alternatively, we can install a slim LED trough light either above or below the signage. Our newest source of illumination is a LED light-sheet which enables very slim profiles to be illuminated both brightly and in an energy efficient manner.