Portable Banner Signs


At Prestige Signs we can create custom portable banner signs which are ideal for events and shows or pop up shops where the location is altered frequently. We create high-quality portable banner signs, which we are able to print photography and graphics at the highest quality onto a selection of materials including PVC, mesh and speciality vinyl. These materials are designed to withstand all possible elements and are even fade resistant. Portable banner signs are ideal for limited space events to convey your message or brand to potential customers.

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    For a more permanent signage solution, we offer Monuments and Totems. These signage systems are ideal for businesses which are hidden away and need more exposure or for businesses that are situated on a roadside, therefore, customers need a large sign to inform them of the location. Monuments and Totems are also an ideal way to gain new customers and create brand exposure, especially when located near a busy road or industrial estate. They also create a massive impact when used in the entrance to your premises.


    The initial consultation is extremely important when creating portable banner signs due to deciding on which materials will be used, this can be affected by the life expectancy of the sign, where it will be placed and how often it will move location. After the consultation, our design team will take over and then (once approved) we will move on to the manufacturing stage where we create portable banner signs from high-quality materials with attention to detail. We then install your sign and maintain your sign if wanted.