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We are the lead sign makers in Essex, providing high-quality signage solutions for all types of industries. Our signage is manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure for long-lasting, durable and element resisting signs you can rely on to portray a professional image for your company. We create signs that are built around your business; suiting your company’s surroundings and branding. Prestige Signs ensures your brand is perfectly captured in its signage, reflecting your company’s assets. Signage is the first element clients and potential customers lay their eyes on, which is why it is extremely important for us to invest time and hard work into creating your perfect sign. Our signage options are completely bespoke, as the leading sign makers Essex, we love receiving challenging projects to showcase our honed skill set.

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By having individual teams for each stage of the production process, all of our sign makers in Essex are highly skilled in their area of expertise. Our consultation team begin the process by understanding your requirements and expectations. We then move on to the design stage, where our highly qualified designers create your sign with the ability to show a digital version of your sign in its real-life surroundings. Once approved by you, the project is then progressed to development, in which our designated team use state of the art machinery to create your sign to the highest quality possible. We then install your sign and are even able to carry out regular maintenance checks.


As leading sign makers Essex, all of our signs are designed to attract customers and create engagement for your business, however, with additional illumination elements we can create signs which are visible throughout both the day and night. We have a range of illumination options available including LED, Fluorescent and Neon. Each can be installed in the sign itself or as a light trough either above or below the sign to create visibility. Our illuminations can be controlled either manually or automatically with our light sensor, which ensures your electricity will only be used when low light levels are detected. This can, of course, be overridden manually.