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Here at Prestige Signs, we create signage solutions for all types of industries and for buildings of all sizes, we use state of the art machinery and materials to create all types of signage; including flex face signs, architectural building signage, banners, projecting signs, monuments and totems. As the leading sign makers Hertfordshire, our signage solutions are highly durable and element resisting, including being resistant to fading due to the sun. We take the placement of your sign into consideration after we complete a site visit, this includes discovering the surrounding areas of your building and ensure your new sign will suit the structure and colour tones of your existing building.

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All of the signs created at Prestige Signs are bespoke to the individual customer, we love receiving challenging projects and have both the facilities and capabilities to bring all of your ideas to life. All of our teams of staff are fully trained and highly experienced in their specialised field, including design and manufacturing. We aim to capture your company’s personality and branding within your sign whilst showcasing a professional and approachable image. Your sign is the first component of your business that new and potential customers will see, we help you create the perfect identity for your company, with our range of signs and state of the art materials and machinery.


We are sign makers Hertfordshire who provide a full service for creating your company’s sign, starting with the initial consultation where we work with you to create a draft of your ideal sign and ensure we are aware of any requirements and specifications you may have. We then move this over to our design team who use the latest software to create a digital concept of your design, they even have the ability to superimpose the sign onto your premises to determine how the sign will be presented. Once approved by you, this design is then progressed to our manufacturing team, who use their honed skill set to create your perfect sign. We then install your sign and even offer regular maintenance.