Top Tips for Signage Maintenance

Top Tips for Signage Maintenance

How to Take Care of your Signage 

Signage is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s what people see before they even step foot inside your business, and it can make a great first impression or leave them with a sour taste in their mouth. In this blog post, we will cover some easy tips for signage maintenance that will help keep your sign looking fresh and new so you can attract more customers!

Custom Thermal Management System 

The best way to protect your screens and displays is through thermal management technology. Advanced signage companies have two options for you: they can install fans or internal cooling units that keep the temp within a safe range, protecting against cold weather outside. If these devices are not already installed in your sign, don’t worry! Customised solutions exist to maintain optimal operating temperatures internally regardless of external factors like temperature changes on days with extreme highs or lows.

Consider the Placement 

Positioning is important. Whether your screens are installed outdoors or indoors, you need to make sure that they remain protected from direct sunlight so as not to allow for any permanent scarring of the screen. Failure occurs when mobile phone screens are exposed to too much sun and will happen with digital signage if placed in direct light–make sure it’s out of the way!

Anti-Reflective Glass/Anti – Glare Glass 

Anti Glare glasses protect your screen from heat and light, enabling you to see more clearly. If that’s not enough for you, there are other benefits too! The low reflectivity reduces eye strain while increasing visual acuity for a better reading experience.

Contact Prestige Signs 

To keep your signs looking good throughout the summer, follow these quick tips.  We hope you found the information in this blog post helpful and we’ve given you some useful maintenance advice to help ensure that your signage looks great in the heat! If not or if there are any other questions about our recommendations please feel free to contact us at Prestige Signs. We’re always happy to help with sign design and installation projects of all shapes and sizes.

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