Sign Maintenance


Nothing lasts forever, but with proper maintenance and regular attention your signs will last for many years to come and still look as fresh as the day they were installed.At Prestige signs understand the importance of regular maintenance and repairs, and offer various maintenance contracts to keep your signage looking at its best. If you have invested in high-quality signage, it makes business sense to ensure it is kept in tip-top condition, to maintain its visual impact and safety. We feel duty bound to keep your sign looking brand new by regular maintenance visits, its our reputation as well as yours. Services can include general cleaning, inspection and replacement of internal components when required. This can be organised as a fixed contract or on an ad-hoc basis, depending on your preferences. In our experience preventative maintenance is far cheaper long term then replacement.

Sign cleaning, sign repairs and ongoing sign maintenance is at the heart of business ethos. Other specialised services such as electrical testing, signage safety inspections, graffiti removal are also available upon request.
With a UK network of sign maintenance engineers we are able to respond both promptly and cost effectively to any emergencies that may arise.

Maintaining your signs is a legal requirement under three separate statutory regulations, so it’s essential your signs comply with building regulations, town planning requirements and health and safety law. The owner of a sign is ultimately responsible for its upkeep and safety, and will need to ensure it is regularly inspected and repaired if required which is exactly where we can help.