Individual Lettering


When it comes to bespoke signage, individual letters are hugely popular. We produce a wide range of high quality three dimensional letters in most metals and letter styles. We can either cut the letters from a sheet of metal or acrylic to produce 2D or flat cut lettering, or we manufacture as three dimensional lettering with the added option of internal illumination as required. Illuminated letters can either have light through a coloured translucent acrylic face, or have what is termed halo lighting around the letter edge at the back.

Individual letter signage is produced in various natural or bare metal finishes, or powder coated in a wide range of colours. Essentially, we aim to match your corporate image and overall branding. What’s more, we supply an exciting new range of low profile, illuminated letters that allow much smaller and more intricate designs to be accommodated than previously possible. Traditionally three dimensional letters were illuminated via cold cathode tubing, now with the advent of LED technologies massive new opportunities have allowed us to illuminated intricate logo shapes and smaller sizes previously impossible.

We enjoy a challenge, so if you would like to create a specific sized or irregular shaped letter or sign, we can probably be of assistance.

Once you have approved our scaled manufacturing drawings installation will be within two to three weeks handled by a team of fully qualified highly experienced installers.