What is the Most Effective Form of Advertising for Your Business?

What is the Most Effective Form of Advertising for Your Business?

Using Signage for Advertising your Business 

Signage is so ingrained in the collective minds that most of the time we go about our daily activities without even knowing they are there. 

Signs are so much more than just a logo. Signs provide direction, remind us of important events and encourage customers to buy your products or services. For small businesses with limited funds for marketing campaigns, signs can be an invaluable tool in attaining success! Recent surveys found that many people would not have encountered the business at all if it were not for its sign out front- what other opportunity do they have to find you?

The Benefits of Custom Made Signs for your Business 

There’s a reason why custom signs make your business stand out. It is because Sign makers offer so many advantages that are unavailable to other sign companies, such as being able to specify the message sent by their signage and have it be unique in comparison with others around them. 

So what does this mean for you? Well if you want people to know about your company or brand at first glance then liven up those dull walls! Make an impression on customers before they even walk through the door of opportunities. Not only do these customized messages encourage them but also might bring new clients who were otherwise unaware of your services. 

Build your Brand 

Signs are a huge part of marketing. They not only attract potential customers to your business, but they also help form an initial impression in viewers’ minds! Take this opportunity to use custom-made signs for branding purposes by weaving the company’s personality into colours and graphics on the sign. The target demographic will appreciate it when you do something similar with their favourite media such as website, brochures or cards down the road – which helps develop trust between customer and brand.

Create a Perfect Fit 

When you have a sign made that is custom designed and tailored to your needs, it’s important the output tone of this design reflects what type of signage will be most effective in its desired location. Whether used as storefront signs or monument signs, there are many different styles available for customers looking to make their business stand out from the crowd! Give yourself an edge by choosing colours and shapes which fit within your surroundings – whether they’re located on busy streets or tucked away behind buildings.

Make an Investment with High Returns 

You should invest in custom signage to stand out and get more visitors. Custom signs are also cheaper than buying a one-size-fits-all sign, so it is like getting two benefits for the price of one!

Improve your Signs with Illumination 

You can really do a lot with your sign by adding some lighting to it. By illuminating the signage, you will be able to attract more customers and make their experience that much better.


Visibility is an important factor for businesses when deciding to light up their signs. A sign that’s brightly lit in the nighttime and on dark winter days has a much higher chance of being seen than one without any illumination at all. But even if your signage is installed with enough bulbs, make sure you check how bright they are after installation so it can be visible during its most effective time frame: day or evening!


One of the main reasons that businesses opt to light their signs is visibility. There’s no denying that a sign which is brightly lit up through the night, even on dark and winter afternoons, can make all of the difference when it comes to standing out from your competition at nighttime or during inclement weather. Once you’ve installed your new signage for good measure, take some time in advance to ensure there are plenty of bright bulbs so nobody has any trouble seeing what’s being advertised!


If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a sign that perfectly illustrates your company personality, illuminating it can be a great way to get your brand message across and make the most of all that hard work. Lighting your sign can even help to give your business a little more personality as it can bring out various elements of your design and help to draw attention to your text, your font and your colour scheme.


How does your signage look at night? You may not think it matters, but the way you light up that big piece of wood (or metal) can protect both your store and yourself. All-night lighting combined with illumination around the premises will deter thieves looking for a quick score or home invasion opportunity during evening hours. It’s also just good advice to keep an eye out on all sides when working in stores as well!

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